​Why You Should Take Advantage of Instagram for Business

​Why You Should Take Advantage of Instagram for Business
September 6, 2017 No Comments Digital Marketing Matiz Media

Almost from the beginning, Instagram has been a digital marketer’s dream platform.

With over 60% of their 400 million active users logging in daily, Instagram has become the second most engaged social network after Facebook.

For brands, Instagram is by far the best generator of engagement, enjoying levels 10 times higher than Facebook and an enormous 84 times higher than Twitter! It’s no wonder that 70% of brands are predicted to be active on the platform by next year.

Traditionally, Instagram has proved challenging for brands in terms of reporting, offering nowhere near the level of detail provided on Facebook. We’ve had to work around the fact that we can’t link to other content (like our own websites or marketing material) and other than likes, follows and comments, have more or less been operating blind to key engagement metrics.

In good news that should get every community manager and digital marketer reaching for their celebratory beverage of choice, it seems the Instagram team have heard our wishes.

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